Elizabeth Schultz attacked by Leftist; School Board Meeting Thurs. 4/27

Dear Concerned Parents and Educators,

It’s been a busy two weeks since my last email. We are excited to announce a panel discussion hosted by Family Research Council (FRC) called Transgender Ideology in Schools: Parents Fight Back.  Elizabeth Schultz, Springfield Representative on the Fairfax County School Board; Josh Hetlzer of Family Foundation of Virginia; Cathy Ruse of Family Research Council, and yours truly will participate in the panel discussion Friday, May 5, at high noon. If you can come, we would love to meet you there. Registration is linked above.

Concerned Parents and Educators continues to advocate for the safety ALL students in Fairfax County Public Schools when it comes to the “gender identity” issue. Obviously our message is effective and we are hitting a nerve. Blue Virginia, a left-wing website struggling for relevancy by attacking anything that moves, has once again attacked hero of Fairfax County parents, Elizabeth Schultz. Blue Virginia’s ridiculous charges against Mrs. Schultz are too preposterous to repeat. They now malign her for daring to talk about ideas at a public event. Oh, the humanity!

UC Berkeley Riot

Perhaps Mr. Feld has forgotten the insanity inspired by Southern Poverty Law Center’s “designation” of Family Research Council as a “hate group.” We know all too well the violence that is unleashed by the Left Wing these days, like at  UC Berkeley.

Rather than fanning the flames of hatred, Lowell Feld would do well to encourage his friends to control themselves. Words have consequences.

But this kind of hysteria is nothing new from the likes of “Lowkell” (Mr. Feld’s brave nom de plume). We saw a hissy fit thrown by our out-of-touch, out-of-control school board April 6, when they ignored standard procedures to pass a weaponized Diversity Statement laid out for them by the Fairfax Board of Supervisors. Fairfax County Democrats’ use of “Diversity” as a political tool of division makes the statement a little less than sincere. Because only they get to define diversity. They certainly ignore the diverse community of parents objecting to adding gender identity to nondiscrimination clause. Over 70 parents from many different communities have addressed the school board since September. But the school board is tone deaf on this issue.

Please plan to show your support for Mrs. Schultz at the next board meeting April 27, Thursday  night, Luther Jackson Middle School, 3020 Gallows Road, Fairfax, VA, 7PM. Or tune in on FCPS TV. Emails to Mrs. Schultz would be welcome, too.

As always, we deeply appreciate your unfailing support of our efforts. Hope to see you tomorrow night. Or at FRC May 5.


Meg Kilgannon
Executive Director