We’re Not Done! – Protest July 28 @6pm FCPS Board Meeting

We need you to keep up the pressure!

We need you wear RED and join our peaceful protest by marching with posters and silently watching the meeting on July 28, 2016, at 6pm at the Regular School Board Meeting on at Jackson Middle School, 3020 Gallows Road, Falls Church.

We need you to continue spreading the word that WE ARE NOT YET SATISFIED…. FCPS Board still must recall and stop the…
(1)  “in effect” status of the Transgender Regulations’ Policy 1450 which still keeps things like shared showers and locker-rooms, bizarre pronoun language code, and men on women’s and women on men’s teams possible;
(2) GI language in and Amended to the SR&R, which mandate discipline of Suspension up to 5 days plus Expelling from school activities and programs up to a year for behavior of speaking out against GI behaviors or participation in all school programs or activities;
(3) GI language coming into the FLE
Additional Helpful Actions
Also keep writing about your concerns to the FCSB, the newspapers, the online social media pages, the radio and TV programs (see CONTACT list below) that all of the GI policies, discipline and curriculum are null and void because they were implemented with blatant disregard to…
(1) Parents, Educators and Other Concerned Citizens proper and timely participation and consideration,
(2) discussions and understanding from properly licensed persons of any building code compliance requirements and costs,
(3) discussions of budget opportunity costs to evaluate best allocation of tax payers’ money, which prefer focus of the limited resources on the rudiments of education, and
NOTES for Sources:
For Transgender Policy 1450 status of “still in effect” see HTTP://www.FCPS.edu/news/Gender.shtml)
For GI language still in the SR&R see attached and look under definitions of Bullying, Discrimination Harassment and Sexual Harassment then see chart of discipline code B to see prescribed Suspension up to 5 days plus Expelling from school activities and programs up to a year for behavior of speaking out against GI.
Also, see the June 9 Amendment as seen in Meeting Notes on Amendment #2 for R2691.30P stating “No student in FCPS shall, on the basis of… gender identity… be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under ANY education or activity.”
Code of Virginia State Statute VIOLATIONS include:

FCSB failed to comply with 2 of the 1950 Code of Virginia SS:
  *   (Non Compliance #1) For proceeding forward with GI&O language in the SR&R handbook, in the FLE Curriculum, and in keeping Transgender Regulations 1450 “Still in Effect” we, the CPEFC and other Concerned Parents, complain that FCSB failed to comply to 1950 Code of Virginia SS 22.1-253.13:7 Standard 7 C (See Code here…  https://vacode.org/22.1-253.13:7/) which states “Each local school board shall ensure that policies are developed giving consideration to views of teachers, parents, and other concerned citizens and addressing the following 1-8” items.
  *   (Non Compliance #2)  For keeping Transgender Regulations Policy 1450 “still in effect” we, CPEFC and other Concerned Citizens, complain that the FCSB failed to comply to 1950 Virginia Code SS 22.1-233 (See https://vacode.org/22.1-233/ )  which states “Work done by students or other unlicensed personnel shall be inspected by an appropriately licensed person to assure compliance with prescribed standards. application of zoning laws and building codes, inspection of work; school boards to make no warranties, express or implied, as to the construction or as to the compliance of a project with zoning laws and building codes.
  *   We are concerned of that there was no discussion with appropriate licensed persons to explain and ensure building code compliance, implementation requirements and cost-benefits for meeting both GI non-discrimination compliance PLUS privacy and safety of “non confused” students.
Superintendent Karen Garza SuperintendentGarza@fcps.edu
And include FCSB Senior Auditor Goli Trump at gatrump@fcps.edu
Examples and contacts include:
Media coverage in the last ~24 hours:
NOTE: the FCPS Pride leader & FCPS TEACHER claims they “have been told the Regulations are in full force”…
* The Washington Times letters to the Editor: yourletters@washingtontimes.com<mailto:yourletters@washingtontimes.com>.  3600 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002. Commentary/Op-Ed Pages. commentary@washingtontimes.com<mailto:commentary@washingtontimes.com>