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  • Glad we found you! Our 6 year old grandson begins 1st Grade at Canterbury Woods Elementary in Annandale this fall. We’re deeply concerned about all issues mentioned on your website, plus the insidious BLM 14 Point Agenda the teachers unions and administrators are mandating widely. Please help us inform and coach our (very concerned) son and and his (naive progressive) wife. Thanks so very much! Carl and Grazyna Hagen

  • Have you considered setting up your/our own meetings independent of these FCPS meetings? They control the agenda and perhaps one on one assistance with navigating the opt out process (versus an opt in process that would be a good first step!).

  • I’m very grateful for this source of information regarding what is happening in the Fairfax County School System. I wish more folks would take an active interest in making our schools a safe and wholesome place for all of our students.

  • The group Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County last week released a 13-page package advising parents on how their children can avoid gender identity education.

  • Dear Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County,

    I want to thank you everyone for finally forming an organization to push back the pervasive left agenda of indoctrinating our children to acceptance of the LBGQT life style. It is not a life style that our children should imitate, like drinking or smoking marijuana. It is a destructive life style.

    I want everyone to know that hidden in this push for this type of agenda is to destroy the family structure so that there is no structure. This is the main agenda of communism or dictatorship. In communist country, the first principal of power is to indoctrinate the children to turn them against parents.

    I also want everyone to know that who benefits the most from the transgender issue – it is the medical industry. To change your children to what they were not born as and to instill in them that they can change their identity to whatever sex they want, the pharmaceutical industry utilize harmone treatment and surgeries which the doctors prescribe. The medical industry is earning millions from you and your children when you go down that path.

    Thank you everyone on the committee.

  • I am truly touched by those who stand up against the movement
    to force the rest of us to let them have their own ways. School children
    need to be protected from harmful derangement of the mind.

  • Sharon Fernandez

    The transgender community is our new reality and most people are trying to adjust to that. without question these people as all people should be accepted and treated with respect.

    However, there needs to be balance in the expectations that the law and government are forcing on those who value the traditional perspectives of human gender and sexuality.

    Don’t force adult agendas on our children. It’s emotionally disturbing to introduce children 5-12 year- old students to the concept of sexuality, let alone homosexuality and transgender education curriculum. If we cannot impose Christian, Islam, Judaism, and other historical religious education curriculum into the school system why does the transgender education curriculum need such prominence?

    Aren’t all of these beliefs and values that parents are personally responsible to train their children in? So isn’t it the transgender community’s responsibility, not the government and schools’ responsibility, to educate themselves and children regarding their personal beliefs?

    Finally, I hope common sense prevails and if transgender students need a set of restrooms set aside for their use, please accommodate them. Most schools have several sets of bathrooms, dedicate a set to the transgender students.

    Thank you for opportunity to share my thoughts.

  • Hello, my name is Desiree Jordan. I found out about your situation on Facebook last week. I have contacted every school board member and the Department of education on your behalf. I have also posted an action alert about this on my website listed above. I was wondering, have you considered suing the school district and the Department of Education in order to stop these gender identity policies and education? This is a parental rights issue, and I believe that the Supreme Court would rule in your favor. My prayers are with you.

    Desiree Jordan

  • We must turn out in force at the polls come election times. However, it does seem that most people are drinking the Kool-Aid and are coming to believe the nonsense about sexuality and gender.

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